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  • Название: Trojan Horse of Western History
  • Автор: Anatoly Belyakov
  • Издательство: Питер
  • Год выпуска: 2015
  • Размеры файлов: 2.11 — 7.26 Мб

What is this book about? This book is about an exciting journey to Troy, both ancient and modern. About the fact that the Trojans defeated the Greeks (not the other way around, as is commonly believed). And that the well-known Greek religion with its anthropomorphism was created artificially for political reasons. The authors assert that the information warfare, the falsification of history – is not an innovation, but the oldest essence of Western way of thinking. The book refutes the conventional wisdom that “history is written by the winners.” On the contrary, authors have shown: those who write history become winners. The book is written in bright, vivid and interesting manner for laymen. At the same time it is absolutely scientific and opposed fancy sensational historical fast food. This book is about the struggle for historical truth and justice, which roots us in the world, because without the truth we are orphans.

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